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About DI Management Services

DI Management Services Pty Ltd was founded in 1997 by David Ireland.

We are based in the south-west of Western Australia. Please contact us via our message page.

David Ireland is a sofware designer. In the past he was a management consultant, managing director of a satellite communications company in India, commercial manager for an Australian telecommunications company, business planning manager for a brewing company, manager of a computer graphics company, and a structural engineer. He has degrees in mathematics, engineering and business studies, and qualifications in accounting.

David is the designer of the CryptoSysTM and FirmaSAT series of cryptography products and is a holder of the GIAC Secure Software Programmer certification (GSSP-C) from the SANS Software Security Institute.

For more details see About David Ireland.

David has many years experience designing systems and writing programs in a variety of languages including C, C#, Visual Basic, Perl, Python, and Microsoft Access.


To contact us, please send us a message

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