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Our experience in database design and coding for clients includes designing and implementing systems in the following areas:

Arts Administration
Construction Law
Clothing Manufacture
Health Insurance
Investment Adviser
Jewellery Wholesaling
Mobile Telephony
Search Engine Optimisation
Waste Management
Billing System
Contracts Management
Database System
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Investment Portfolio Reports
Purchase Orders
Management Reports
SIM Cards
Stock Control
Web Site


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Stock control
A complete stock ordering and management system for a publisher and importer of books.
Investor portfolio reports
A system to automate the production of monthly investment reports in Word format for the private clients of an investment adviser. The client required an interface to an existing tax package that produced basic reports on the client's portfolio details and tax status. Our system took these basic reports and combined them with user-definable templates to produce professional-quality Word documents. The new system reduced the time to produce standard monthly reports for all clients from two weeks to two minutes.
Web site with cryptography
A secure login facility for clients of the above investment adviser which enabled them to retrieve their latest portfolio details and prices over the Internet. The system was designed with full 128-bit encryption so that even an intruder who had complete access to all files on the web site could not find out any details whatsoever about the clients or their portfolios.
Contracts and claims database
A firm-wide reporting tool for a company of lawyers who specialise in construction law. Our system enabled the client to access a legacy database of contracts, claims and related documents relating to construction projects.
Container shipping
An Access-based system for an waste management company to manage the despatch and shipping of containers of waste. The system had to work over a Citrix network for operators to manage the status of containers, rail cars and trucks. We produced a simple, workable solution that delivered the client's required objectives within time and budget.
Tax accounting intranet
A business development tool for a big four accounting firm in Australia that works on the firm's intranet. The system matches a database of potential tax saving ideas with a database of current or potential client companies.
General ledger accounting module
A stand-alone general ledger accounting module for a specialised ERP solution for the clothing industry in Australia and New Zealand.
Health insurance reporting
A set of systems to manage reporting to clients for the manager of a health insurance product. Accepted and processed raw payment and claims data from the health insurance provider, produced exception reports, produced reports for clients, and interfaced directly with the SQL-Server-based accounting system to produce journal entries and consolidated reports.
Billing account production
A system to prepare detailed billing accounts for a telecommunications reseller in Australasia and the South Pacific. Included automatic email delivery of PDF-format invoices to clients.
Cereal gene database
A program to query a database of wheat, barley and oats gene details. Designed to be distributed by our client as a stand-alone product on a CD.
Arts administration
A system to help the administrator of various artist development projects in Australia manage applications.
Medical articles
A database system to enable the editorial team of a medical information web site manage their published articles, images and licensing agreements.
Remote printing
A program to send encrypted graphics files from a printer driver on a client's PC via SMTP to a customised mail server which stored, recorded, and redirected the graphic images to email, fax or printing facilities.
SIM card programming
A set of programs for a client to re-program mobile phone SIM cards using cryptography. The programs were written in a combination of Visual Basic, C, and Assembler languages.
SEO database
A set of programs for a web design and search engine optimisation company to generate HTML pages with links extracted from a database.
Purchase order and forecast management
A purchase order and forecast management system for a supplier of agricultural products
Web-based forecast entry
A web-based forecast entry system add-on for the agricultural purchase order system which enabled users to enter their forecasts directly on line.
Fixed asset management
A fixed asset management and management reporting system for a communications company
Telecommunications billing system
A billing system for a provider of call-back telephone services
Jewellery stock control
A stock control system for a jewellery wholesaler

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