Menu Options

To access the general menu options, place your cursor anywhere over the Wclock window and right-click, then select your option. To change the properties of an individual clock, place your cursor over the clock you want to change.

Wclock has the following menu options:

Clock Properties: Edit the Properties of the selected clock under the cursor (alternatively just double-click with the left mouse button)
Add new clock: Add a new clock (adds to the right hand end)
Remove clock: Remove the selected clock under the cursor
Duplicate clock: Add a duplicate of the selected clock
Move clock Left: Move the clock under the cursor to the left
Move clock Right: Move the clock under the cursor to the right
Capture Timestamp: Capture a timestamp to the clipboard for the clock under the cursor.
Preferences: Set your Preferences
Check for Updates: Check if an Update is available for download
Wclock on the web: Go to the Wclock website
Save settings: Save current settings, if changed. This should be done automatically, but on some systems it doesn't. This is backup.
Refresh: Refresh the Wclock window (useful if something has obscured part of it)
Hide clocks: Hide the Wclock window. To restore, right-click on the Wclock icon in the taskbar and select Show clocks. Note: This option is disabled if the icon is not shown in the system tray.
Display all zones: Show the current time in all time zones in the TZ database
Show Calendar... Displays a calendar.
Countdown Timer... Displays a countdown timer which will sound an alarm when it finishes. Use the Hide option on the counter to hide it.
Help: View this help file
About Wclock: Display details about Wclock
Exit: Close the clock window and exit Wclock

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