Launch automatically on startup
Check this box to make Wclock start automatically when your computer starts.
Date Format
Select the style you want the date to appear when your mouse is over the clock:
Check for updates daily at
Check this box to check automatically each day if updates are available. Select the approximate time you want this to happen. Uncheck the box to turn off this feature.
Font size
Select the font size for the clock: Normal, Big or Bigger.

Normal font size

Big font size

Bigger font size

Timestamp format
Select format to capture timestamp to clipboard.
Show icon in system tray
Check this box to have a Wclock icon in the system tray (a.k.a. taskbar/notification area). Uncheck to remove it.

Note: If you disable this feature you will not be able to Hide the clock.
Turn off 'always-on-top' behaviour
Check this box to turn off the 'always-on-top' behaviour, should you not want it.
Settings: Export
Export the current Wclock settings to a file (default filename wclock-settings.wclk).
Settings: Import
Import and replace all current settings from a previously-saved .wclk settings file.

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