1. Make sure you have the latest version of Wclock installed with the latest version of the wclocktz.ini file. Check the Wclock web page.
  2. If you have little red dots showing like this

    then an update is available: see Automatic updates and Check for Updates.
  3. Exit the Wclock program and start it again. This fixes many problems.
  4. Make sure that your Windows time zone is set to the correct setting for your own time zone: see Setting your system clock and time zone.
  5. If the daylight savings changes are still not correct, check the Posix TZ string settings (right-click, Clock Properties...). If you think these need changing, edit the timezone entry in the wclocktz.ini file (this is at your own risk) and restart the Wclock program.
Important: If you've made changes to your system's time settings, you must exit the Wclock program and start it again

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