BigDigits  2.6.1


BigDigits is a free library of multiple-precision arithmetic routines written in ANSI C to carry out calculations with the large natural numbers used in cryptography computations.

You can download it from

The BigDigits library is designed to work with the set of natural numbers N; that is, the non-negative integers 0,1,2,... .

The library has two interfaces: the "bd" library and the underlying "mp" library. The "bd" functions use an opaque BIGD object and handle memory allocation automatically. The "mp" functions use fixed-length arrays and require a bit more care to use but the "mp" library is faster and has an option (NO_ALLOCS) to avoid all memory allocation calls completely. The "bd" library is an easier-to-use wrapper around the "mp" library.

The "bd" functions are described in bigd.h and the more elementary "mp" functions are in bigdigits.h.

There are some optional functions that generate random numbers using a "pretty-good" internal RNG in bigdRand.h and bigdigitsRand.h for the "bd" and "mp" libraries, respectively.

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