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Linking to the database

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How do we link class modules with the tables in our database? Let's set up an elementary example where we read customer details from a table into a customer object.

  1. Create a new table tblCustomers with the following fields:
    Field NameData TypeSetting
    CustomerIDAutoNumberPrimary Index

    The DiscountRate is the standard discount we might give each particular customer and Terms is the number of days credit we give them.

  2. Enter some dummy data to create a couple of records. Make sure you don't leave any empty fields for the moment.
    tblCustomers: Sample Data
    CustomerID CustomerName Address Telephone DiscountRate Terms
    1 Fred 123 Main Street (02) 1234 1234 2.50% 30
    2 Sue 234 Any Road (02) 2345 5666 5.00% 60

  3. Create a new class module clsCustomer and add the code (clsCustomer.txt).
  4. In the Debug Window, type the following commands (the responses are shown in italics):
    Set oCust = New clsCustomer
    ? oCust.Load(1)
    ? oCust.customername
    ? oCust.terms
    ? oCust.Load(2)
    ? oCust.customername 
    ? oCust.discountrate
    ? oCust.telephone
    (02) 2345 5666

What has this done?

These commands have in turn:

What does this mean?

In the next lesson, we'll show how to save your object's data back to the database.

Things to note in the class module code

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