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Miscellaneous Computing Stuff

How to install ER605 Multi-WAN router with Starlink and NBN Broadband
We show how we used a TP-LINK ER605 Omada Gigabit Multi-WAN Router (“ER605”) to combine our new Starlink service with our existing NBN broadband service. The idea is that Starlink will be the primary service and NBN will be a backup ("Failsafe") if Starlink goes down.
Setting up a virtual Linux client on Windows host to do C++ programming
I recently needed to setup a virtual Linux machine on my Windows 10 system to do a C++ programming assignment for an online course. To help others and as a reminder for myself I've documented what I went through. This includes any original links I found helpful, plus a summary in case the links go down.
Setting up a BIN directory for Windows executables
Instructions on creating a special folder for all miscellaneous EXE files.

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