Wclock is a free, customisable, always-on-top world time clock for Windows computers.

The clock stays on top of all your windows and shows the time at various locations around the world. It just sits there quietly and tells the time until you exit the program.

Moving the clock:

To move the entire clock window, left-click in the black area and keep the left mouse button pressed down while moving the clock to its new position. This new position will be remembered for next time. (This now works properly in double monitors.)

To exit:

To close the Wclock window and exit the program, right-click with the cursor anywhere over the clock window and select Exit from the menu.

Accessing the menu:

To access the menu, right-click with the mouse pointer over the clock and select one of the Menu Options.

Changing an individual clock:

To change the Properties of an individual clock, double-click with your cursor over the clock you wish to change (or right-click and select Clock Properties). Changes to clock properties are now saved immediately when made.

Changing your preferences:

You can set your Preferences for automatic startup, automatic update, date format, font size, and whether or not you want an icon in the system tray.

Advanced features:

For Wclock to display the correct times, you must have your system clock and time zone set correctly. See Setting Your System Clock and Time Zone.

If you have problems, refer to the Troubleshooting page.

To contact us or to download the latest version of Wclock, see Contact Us.

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